Dr Siddhant Jain, MS
Dr Siddhant Jain is a young and dynamic arthroscopic surgeon practicing at Vardhman Hospital, Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh. Dr Siddhant is trained in arthroscopic surgeries for all joints that includes knee, shoulder, elbow and for labral tear of hip. Instaed of going into orthopaedic and joint replacement Dr Siddhant Jain decided to specialize in arthroscopic surgeries. He completes the team of Dr Mukesh Jain and Dr Anubhav Jain both of them are Orthopaedic and Joint Replacement surgeon. He is an expert in treating patient with sports injury. He uses best international guidelines and protocols to treat sports injury which includes a perfect mix of medical management, physiotherapy and surgery. A thorough professional with focus on ethical practice Dr Jain is one of the very few orthopaedic surgeons specializing exclusively in arthroscopic surgeries.