This Loot By Private Hospitals Must be Stopped

In the last few days this has been the common refrain from most of the avid social media contributors. One picture is being circulated which shows that Max Hospital is charging Rs. 72000 per day for ICU admission. Another one says that Saroj Hospital is charging a minimum of Rs. 3 Lacs for admission to the hospital. This at a time when the entire treatment at the Government Hospitals is free, is nothing but a loot of the common people. There are around 8000 nursing homes and hospitals in the country which are on the cashless panel of insurance companies. These hospital have beds in the range of 20 – 1000. The total bed strength amongst these hospitals would be close to 5 lac beds. The powerful prime minister of India must show exemplary courage and acquire all these private hospitals in one stroke of his mighty pen. The total cost that should be paid to all these hospital owners would not be more than 2 Lac Crore of Rupees assuming the average cost per bed of Rs. 40 Lacs. The government which has so magnanimously given a package of 20 Lacs Crores can atleast spend two lac crore for the health of its citizens. Remember, India is spending 7 lac crores on Bullet Train which is going to benefit a very small segment of the society, if and when it becomes operational and if there are some fools who are willing to pay more than the airfare for a train journey. I would be one amongst those fools but will travel only once to gain the experience and not be fooled again and again.

After acquiring all the private hospitals, the government must send all the doctors on leave as these doctors are hand in glove with the hospital managements in looting the gullible public. The government must deploy its own staff at these hospitals to manage the affairs and make the entire treatment free for all the nice citizens of this great country. This will teach a great lesson to these doctors who were foolish enough to study when they should have been busy with Hindu Muslim and Indo Pak debates like us. Despite all our sufferings one thing which irks me is that the people of Pakistan are not being looted like us because they don’t have hospitals like Max, Fortis or Apollo and they still go abroad for good quality treatment. While we are on the acquiring spree of Private Hospitals in India, we can even donate a few of these hospitals to Pakistan to make their life miserable like ours.

These private hospitals do not know how to manage the costs and put the entire burden of their inefficiency on us gullible netizens. We trolls, charge only Rs. 200 for each tweet so why can’t these doctors see the patients in the same amount. Both the works are equally tedious. Do not underestimate our beloved and bold prime minister. If he can invalidate 15 Lac Crores of currency notes in one minute, acquiring these private hospitals is a very small task for him. We nationalist Indians are ready to donate our entire wealth to the PM Cares Fund to achieve this purpose. Why would we be needing this wealth as food and quarantine housing is already free and then the healthcare would also be free. Plus our 15 lacs are also about to come any time now into our bank accounts.

The MLA’s of our country should also be put under the Ayushman Bharat Scheme so that their prices are also capped and they cannot charge 15-30 crores for a simple vote in the Rajya Sabha elections. The worst hit would be the doctors who became MLA’s because of the price capping in the healthcare industry.

I know that the private hospitals would give a lame excuse like their costs for providing quality treatment. If we would have been so numbers savvy then we would have been doing something worthwhile in our lives rather than being trolls. The figures which are thrown at us are simply to confuse us knowing fully well how good our mathematics is.

Cost of Treatment at Private Hospitals – Number Crunching : They say that for every ICU patient there has to be one nurse and since there are 3 shifts in a day there would be 3 nurses taking care of one patient. We don’t need so many nurses and then they add another nurse as a reliever saying that the nurses also need 5 day week. But if they needed 5 day week then they should have joined a call centre like us. The salary for each nurse is Rs. 30000 per month which means that the cost for each ICU patient is Rs. 4000 per day just for the nursing alone. Why can’t they allow us to bring our own nurses.

There is one critical care specialist doctor for 3 patients in the ICU and with a salary of Rs. 5 lacs per month the cost per patient works out to be Rs. 22,000 per day. The doctors also want to work for 5 days in a week. This is ridiculous. The doctors are meant to work round the clock, even on Sundays. This is where the loot is. If they want to work for 5 days then they should be paid only for 5 days and not 7 days. This rule does not apply to us because we did not spend Rs. 3-5 crores in fee to become a critical care specialist so the rules for us would be different.

They say that the infrastructure cost would be Rs. 10000 per bed per day as the hospital has costed them Rs. 1 crore per bed so they depreciate it over 4 years. If we would have known things like depreciation we would have been chartered accountants. Airconditioning and electricity costs another Rs 1000 per bed. The salaries for support staff like Finance, HR, Administration, Dietitics, Bio Medical Engineers etc costs another Rs. 10000 per patient per day. This is not fair as hospitals should have only doctors and nurses and no other staff. We are not going to pay for the salaries of these unnecessary people as we have no idea that every hospital has to take care of more than 30 Acts of the Government. Another Rs. 20,000 is being charged from us for the quarantine of these doctors and nurses who are being put up in hotels. Why can’t they go back to their homes because even if their family members contract Covid they would still have the first priority in getting hospital bed.

The above costs have already gone beyond Rs. 50,000 so I am not interested in listening to your other costs like gloves, masks, PPE, Sanitization. I know that you would have full justification for this loot of Rs. 72000 per day. I simply want the government to put an end to this nonsense. Prevent these hospitals from looting the iphone public. You are charging us Rs. 72000 for the disease for which you do not even have a treatment. Your hospitals must be given to Patanjali because they atleast have a treatment for Corona virus. You do not know the power of our prime minister. If he decides to acquire your hospitals then you would be left with nothing but to fry `pakodas’ and do not forget that we would put your pakodas under Ayushman Bharat where you would be required to sell your pakodas for 25 paise per kg to 50 crore Indians. From the rest of the people you would be allowed to charge Rs. 1 for each kilogram of pakodas.

Do not think that we are fools. If healthcare was such a profitable business then we would not be doing Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan, rather we would be chanting Max Dhan Dhana Dhan. Now that you have made the mistake of becoming a doctor and on top of that, starting a hospital, so be ready to be crucified on the alter of our superior knowledge about your profession.


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