Stretch Marks Removal

About Stretch Mark Removal

Stretch Marks are marks that appear on the skin because of sudden weight loss after weight gain. General conditions in which stretch marks generally appear in females are post pregnancy or in case of shedding extra weight. In males the stretech marks are generally visible in people who are go to gym because of the expansion and contraction of the skin. In males these marks are generally around waist, thighs and under arm areas. In most women post pregnancy stretch marks appear on the lower abdomen, thighs, buttocks, arms and in some case near calf muscles.Generaly for the removal of stretch marks people use various topical creams available in the market. This takes long time and is also not a guranteed treatment. Today through various laser techniques lik fractional CO2, Derma Pen and chemical peel, one can get rid of the stretch marks permanently. Not only it removes the marks but also smoothens and tightens your skin.

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