Sheetla Hospital, Gurgaon


Sheetla Hospitals has three centres of excellence offering superspecialty services in the fields of Child & Neonatal Care, Women Diseases and Minimal Invasive Surgeries. Sheetla hospital which was established 15 years back in the city of Gurgaon has been in the forefront of offering world class treatment with the help of cutting edge technology at affordable prices.

SHEETLA hospitals has one of the most advanced NICU and PICU, High Quality Operating Rooms, Deluxe AC rooms for the patients, Diagnostic facilities, Round the clock emergency services backed by a team of dedicated and highly experienced Medical Professionals. Sheetla Hospital is one of the only Hospital in Gurgaon City to have a NICU with neonatologist and neonatal ventilators.

Key Specialities





Eye Care

Minimally Invasive Surgery



Radiology & Pathology

Key Doctors

Dr. Vandita Sharma

Dr. Amit Kumar

Dr. Pankaj Mehta

Dr. Sharmila

Dr. Anu Sidana

Dr. Rajneesh Chandra Srivastava

Dr. Ajay Sharma

Dr. Vandana Saroha

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