Sex Drive in Recession

It has been just 4 hours into the `Janata Curfew’ and I have already received 14 phone calls from all parts of the country inquiring about the cost and the procedure of Penile Implant Surgery. On most of the other days almost 80% calls are from young guys who are not really candidates for this surgery. Today almost all the calls have been from ideal candidates in the age bracket of 40 – 55 yrs.

I have been wondering the reason behind this. Sundays come every week so what is so great about this Sunday. Lots of jokes have been going around on the social media about jump in population due to the lockdown. It seems that on most of the Sundays the people wake up late and then they plan an outing. Today they are forced to stay at home and most of them with their family. Some people do come to our ED Clinic with the problem that they suffer Erectile Dysfunction when they are with their wife but the same problem does not exist when they are with another woman. These are psychological issues and do not require a Penile Implant Surgery.

Has Sex as Recreation Lost Out

When TV came, most of the men got busy with the sports channels and this used be a cause of fights between the couples as most of the wives were not sports enthusiasts. However with the advent of Social media these fights have gone down as the men are busy on Sports and wives are busy on Social Media. Sex as a recreation tool seems to have lost specially in the middle aged couples. There are other reasons too for this malaise. Now both men and women are working in offices and reach home late due to long traffic snarls. The food is either cooked by the maids or ordered from outside. Then there is liquor which is now equally prevalent in both the sexes. The weekends are reserved for late night parties where alcohol flows freely and hangover rules the next morning. The glitzy shopping malls take away the weekends and by the time you return from the `mall tour’ your legs are dead and there is no scope for any activity between the sheets.

Will Sex Return

For thousands of years sex has been the best recreation and the best aphrodisiac. It not only balances the hormone levels but acts as a great stress buster. Burning Calories through intense sex can be a debatable topic but this sudden decline in the sex drive of the people in the last couple of decades is neither desirable nor sustainable. Sex as a recreation tool has survived many challenges and it will survive this challenge too. The question is how ?

Due to the lockdown there is no sporting activity. Social media has no updates due to the empty roads except scare mongering and the malls are shut. `Baithe hue bor ho rahe the to socha ki yahi kar liya jaye’ was the message from one of my friend when I found him missing from the Whatsapp for almost 3 hours yesterday. So Lockdown is the recipe for bringing sex back to the centrestage. Now the question arises about the capability of enjoying sex till late into the life. The fitness of both the Indian men and women in the middle ages leave a lot of the desired leave aside being desirable. Once the couples start working on their fitness, diet, stress levels and learn the most important lesson that life is meant to be enjoyed and not spent in working. With long working hours you can earn more money with which you intend to buy pleasure. With less working hours you can have much more pleasure absolutely free. There is no replacement of sexual pleasure and the sooner we understand this fact the better it would be.

If these changes in the lifestyle still does not bring back the fizz in your sex life then Dr Gautam Banga or Dr Raman Tanwar will be all too happy to give you a brand new tool.

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