Rehabtrain Physiotherapy Centre, Gurgaon


Rehab Train is the first Physiotherapy, rehabilitation and fitness centre in Gurgaon which provides you complete range of services. This physiotherapy centre houses 5 centres like physiotherapy & rehabilitation centre, Yoga classes, Zumba & aerobic classes, Spa & wellbeing, and Gym under one roof. Rehab Train at Gurgaon provides you with the best evidence based programme during your rehabilitation post injury ,surgery or degeneration of joints. Our team of physiotherapists are highly trained and experienced with best specialization in different streams of neuro physiotherapy, cardiac rehabilitation, sports injury, orthopaedics physiotherapy, pre & post natal physiotherapy and rehabilitation after joint replacement in Gurgaon.

Key Specialities

Personal Training by physiotherapist Cerebral Palsy Physiotherapy Parkinson's disease Physiotherapy Stroke Physiotherapy Muscular Dystrophy Physiotherapy Multiple Sclerosis Physiotherapy Peripheral Neuropathies Physiotherapy Diabetic Neuropathy Physiotherapy Geriatric Physiotherapy Ergonomically acquired postural problems Shoulder Physiotherapy Movement disorders physiotherapy Pre and Post natal physiotherapy Sports and musculoskeletal physiotherapy Physiotherapy in Neurological disorders Physiotherapy after surgery Orthopaedic Pain Management Aerobics training & Zumba dance Yoga classes Fitness Training Home Physiotherapy Cardiac rehabilitation

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