Ozone Nucleoplasty


Ozone nucleolysis or ozone discectomy is a non-operative intervention forslipped disc / disc prolapse & discogenic pain. It is used as one of the methods of treating joint pain, especially knee and back pain in which a mixture of Ozone and oxygen is injected in the affected area. This reduces the pain and the swelling in nerves thereby improving the condition of the patient. The process is extremely safe and has no side effects. The major advantages of the process are non invasive, no general anesthesia, no hospital stay. It is a wonderful option for the patients having severe back, leg or joint pain who have undergone the conservative treatment through physiotherapy and medication and have not benefitted out of it.Presently there are barely 1-2 centers per city for the treatment. A Mutlispeciality Hospital would prescribe Surgical Discectomy for prolapsed disc as it generates more revenue than Ozone Nucleolysis. The fact still remains is that the success rate of Ozone Nucleolysis is about 88% which is comparable to surgical discectomy (50% to 90%).

Best Cost of the Procedure

The complete course of Ozone Nucleoplasty cost approximately USD 1500 which includes 4 sittings.

Health in India Opinion

Ozone Nucleoplasty does not work in every kind of pain and a careful assessment by a specialist doctor is needed to correctly identify the cases where Ozone Nucleoplasty will alleviate the pain. Indiscriminate use of Ozone on every joint or back pain patient will not bear results and will be a waste of money. Consult a specialist who does both the procedures - Ozone Nucleoplasty and surgical treatment of the disease to get an unbiased opinion. Dr. IPS Oberoi is one such specialist in India who performs both the procedures with very good results in this procedure

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