Medical termination Of Pregnancy

About Medical termination of Pregnancy

MTP is Medical Termination of Pregnancy.It also called induced abortion. It is the medical way of getting rid of unwanted pregnancy. Any qualified gynecologist (MD/DGO) can perform MTP. Any MBBS Doctor, who has obtained training in MTP, is allowed to perform this procedure. However, MTP should always be performed at a place recognized by government authorities. Medical Termination of Pregnancy is legally permitted up to 20 weeks of gestation. Pregnancy termination performed in first trimester is safer than in second trimester since it has fewer complications. It is illegal to perform MTP after determining sex of the child as Government of India has banned sex determination. Government has imparted license for private health centres for conducting MTPs besides having its own centres. Look for a suitable option for the procedure. One of the best equipped and registered centre for MTP in Gurgaon is Kilkari Mother and Child Centre at GNH Hospital Gurgaon.

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