Mobile Tooth Treatments


There are various types of Mobile Treatment for teeth. Some of the popular ones are

Splinting refers to "the joining of two or more teeth into a rigid unit by means of fixed or removable devices. The objective is to create an environment where tooth movement is restricted with simultaneous restoration of function and patient comfort.The splint may be indicated because of individual tooth mobility or mobility of many teeth. Splinting provides stability, reduce or eliminate the mobility, and relieve the pain and discomfort.

Temporary splints
may be worn for less than 6 months and may not be followed by additional splint therapy. They provide an insight into whether or not stabilization of the teeth provides any benefit before any irreversible definitive treatment is even initiated.

Permanent splints
maintain long term stability of the teeth. Definitive splints are placed only after stability has been achieved in order to increase functional stability, and improve aesthetics on a long-term basis.

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