Liver transplant

About Liver Transplant

A Liver Transplant is conducted for the people whose liver has stopped functioning. In adults, chronic active hepatitis and cirrhosis (from alcoholism, unknown cause, or biliary) are the most common diseases requiring transplantation. In children, and in adolescents younger than 18 years, the most common reason for liver transplantation is biliary atresia, which is an incomplete development of the bile duct.
There are two types of liver donors:

  • A cadaver donor (Orthotopic transplant) The donor liver is obtained from a person who is diagnosed as brain dead whose family volunteers to donate the organ for transplantation. After certain legalities the liver is cleared for transplant. The procedure is the most common method used to transplant livers.
  • Living donor A healthy family member, usually a parent, sibling, or child, or someone emotionally close to the patient, such as a spouse, volunteers to donate part of their liver for transplantation. This procedure has been increasingly successful and shows promise as a solution to the shortage of liver donors.
A complicated procedure like this would involve a team of doctors to complete with excellent results. So proceeding with liver transplant involves finding out a good transplant team to handle your case.

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