Stimulus Needed by Middle Classes and MSME’s

The welfare package announced by the FM – Nirmala Sitharaman is a welcome step, provided the benefits can reach the intended beneficiaries in full and in quick time. Some of the benefits of the cash transfers might get lost due to exorbitant prices of the essential supplies if the disruption in the supply side are Read More

Sex Drive in Recession

It has been just 4 hours into the `Janata Curfew’ and I have already received 14 phone calls from all parts of the country inquiring about the cost and the procedure of Penile Implant Surgery. On most of the other days almost 80% calls are from young guys who are not really candidates for this Read More

A Good Neurosurgeon Knows When “NOT TO OPERATE”

Choosing a Neurosurgeon Neurosurgery is one of the most complex and challenging branch. A neurosurgeon deals with your nervous system whether it is brain or spine. Both these body parts are responsible for making sure that you think, move and act correctly. When talking about brain the most common surgeries are brain tumour and aneurysms Read More

Quarantine will Lead to Job Losses

The Battle against Covid-19 or Coronavirus is being fought in every country of this planet. Lockdowns, Shutdowns and Quarantine are the buzz words. People are being made to work from home as prevention and social distancing is the only solution that the mighty countries of the world can offer in the fight against this highly Read More

Impact of Coronavirus on Indian Healthcare

The spread of Coronavirus or Covid-19 is not a great news for the healthcare industry as might be thought by most of the common observers. It will cause more harm than good to the bottomline.

Challenges Faced by Healthcare in Hinterland

Tertiary Care Hospitals are coming up in smaller cities but are facing several challenges in terms of finding the right quality of manpower and the cutting edge marketing strategies.

How to Choose Your Surgeon for Knee Replacement

This article answers the most frequently asked question as to who is the best knee replacement surgeon in india as more than 500 orthopaedic surgeons are doing Knee Replacement Surgery in India

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