Dr. J M Hans


Prof. (Dr) J. M. Hans has done pioneering work in the field of cochlear implant surgery and has done more than 600 cochlear implants in the country and in SAARC countries with 100% surgical results till date. Dr.J M Hans is visiting cochlear implant surgeon to the states of Chattisgarh, Andhra-pradesh, Madhya-pradesh, PGI Chandigarh and many other centres in the country, to perform CI surgeries for the hearing handicap.

Apart from doing all surgeries for Deafness including Auditory Brain Stem Implants, Dr. J M hans specialises in Tracheal Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery of the nose, Endoscopic Surgery of Trachobronchus and Oesophagus etc.

Current Position

Chairman - Department of ENT & Cochlear Implants, B L Kapur Memorial Hospital, New Delhi


Dr. Hans has an expereince of over 28 years working with various prestigious institutions in the country and abroad.


WHO Fellowship in Cochlear Implants and Auditory Brain Stem Implant.
MS ( ENT) from Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research ( PGIMER) Chandigarh
MBBS from Delhi University


Padamshree in 2005
Topper and gold medalist in MS at PGI Chandigarh
Founder Member of CGI
Founder Member of AOI
Founder Member of ISO

Special Interests

Cochlear Implants
Auditory Brain Stem Implants

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