In Vitro Fertilisation

About In Vitro Fertilisation

IVF is simply fertilising egg with sperm outside the body and then transferring the embryos to the uterus through the cervix where pregnancy is allowed to begin. In IVF the process is done in conjunction with ovulation induction through drugs, monitoring of hormone levels and follicle scans with ultrasound. IVF is used in the case where a woman is incapable of conceiving through a natural process. This can be due to:

Blocked fallopian tubes in the females

Low sperm count in the male partner

Severe Endometriosis

Unable to produce eggs

Fibroid tumours, Abnormal uterus or in case the uterus has been removed

The success rate in case of IVF in India is indirectly proportional to the age of women. This means that with the increasing age the quality of eggs goes down and hence the chances of a fruitful IVF cycle. As per a study there are 65% chances that a single baby would be delivered through IVF, 30% chances are that of a twins through IVF whereas 5% chances are of having triplets or more through IVF. Because the IVF treatment is expensive, many doctors feel IVF is a lucrative business proposition, as a result of which many IVF clinics start simply to make money. They then pressurise infertile couples (who could get pregnant with simpler treatment options) to go in for IVF, leading to unnecessary overtreatment. So a thorough background check of the doctor and self equipping yourself with the essential knowledge about the procedure will help you assess the facts. Taking advice of someone who is well versed with the medical knowledge and the doctors available for the treatment is also one of the good options. IVF in India has attained a new height off late. The reason is that IVF in India is giving success results that most of the other centres in the world are not able to imagine. IVF in India is one of the biggest contributors to the medical tourism in the country. IVF in India is a generic term, infact the IVF centres in India offer various other treatments for infertility like Donor Egg IVF and Surrogacy.

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