Cancer treatment in India is preffered accross the globe becuase of the latest technology, qualified doctors and low cost of cancer treatment in India. Cancer treatment in India has generally 4 phases, diagnosis of cancer, treatment of cancer through surgery, treatment of cancer through chemotherapy and cancer treatment through radiation therapy. Every year large number of patients from Middle East, Africa, Asian Countries and some of the western countries come for Cancer Treatment in India.
While giving radiation therapy to a cancer patient, the biggest challenge in front of a radiation oncologist to correctly target the tumour or the infected part where the radiation has to be concentrated. IGRT or Image Guided Radiation Therapy has this unique advantage over other radiation processes that it negates the damage to the healthy cells by guiding the radiation to the right areas even during internal body part movement. The advantage of IGRT over traditional forms of radiotherapy is manifold. The chances of recurrence of cancer are reduced as the detection of the exact tumour location and size and the precise method of destroying the cancer cell leaves very little room for the cancer to manifest itself again.  Since high value infrastructure is required for the IGRT machine, only a handful of centers can provide IGRT and among them also only a few can boast of excellent teams for justifying the procedure. Treatment of cancer in India is advisable in hospitals who have best equipments and technology under one roof. Some of the best hospitals for cancer treatment in India are Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, Medanta Medicity, Gurgaon, B L Kapur Hospital, New Delhi.

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