Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG) is the procedure where veins taken from the chest wall or one limb are transplanted in place of the blocked arteries thereby providing a bypass around the blocked artery and restoring the jeopardised blood supply to the heart. The hospital should have a Cardiac OT, experienced cardiac surgeons and cardiac anaesthetists to carry out the procedure. India gets large number of patients from accross the country for various heart pr cardiac treatment. Cardiac Artery Bypass Graft or Heart Bypass surgery as commonly known is one of the most common treatment sought in India.

Bypass surgery is required when three arteries in the heart are having blocakge and angioplasty is not advisable. In such cases heart bypass surgery is advisable because of its long term benefits. Heart bypass surgery or CABG in India can be done at almost 30% of the cost as compared to the western countries. Surgeons are vastly experienced, US Board Certified and have success rates of almost 100%. Some of the cardiac surgeons have worked in The United States of America as Consultants. In short, Cardiac Bypass surgery in India is very cost effective with best technology, hospitals and doctors.

Best Cost of the Procedure

The best cost of this procedure for a 7 day stay in a single room including the surgeon fee, hospital charges, anaesthetist fee, blood products, routine consumables and investigations will be USD 5500

Health in India Opinion

CABG has a very high success rate at many heart hospitals in the country. The procedure is now done both onpump as well as offpump. There are several good cardiac teams operating across hospitals on patients with triple vessel disease who can't have angioplasty done.Some of the hospitals led by cardiac surgeons have a tendency to do CABG even where angioplasty can be done and the vice-versa is also true. A patient with heart problem should consult atleast two doctors from different hospitals before deciding on the procedure. If in doubt consult our experts who would be able to suggest the best combination of the cardiac surgery team, hospital and the cost of the procedure.
Always look for the surgeon who does the procedure himself and not delegates to an unknown member of the team.

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