Gurgaon Healthcare in Covid Times

You must have felt related in the past while mentioning that you are a resident of the Millenium City. The city of swanky malls, luxurious highrises and Manhattan resembling Corporate World. The healthcare of Gurgaon evolved in the last 14 years to match your standards. Best doctors in Indian Healthcare are all available at Gurgaon Hospitals. From 1600 bedded Medanta to the 7-star Fortis Hospital they are all there to spoil you even when you are sick. The public healthcare of Gurgaon was never in good shape and when the top hospitals started opening shop since the year 2006, the state government decided to give Gurgaon a pass thinking that the private healthcare will take care of the health needs of the city residents.

When the Corona pandemic struck the country, gurgaon was spared the blushes as the number of cases were insignificant as compared to the rest of the country in the first two months. However since the last week of May, the number of cases are rising exponentially and have now reached close to 1000. With the easing of the lockdown, these cases are bound to increase. The 2 months of lockdown offered a great opportunity to the state government to get its house in order but nothing of this sort happened as the officials thought that gurgaon would be spared from the pandemic.

Where would a Covid Patient Go in Gurgaon – Home is the best place for a Covid positive patient to be, in the city of Gurgaon. If you have no symptoms then it is best to stay quarantined in the comforts of your home as nobody can take better care of your needs than your family members and there is no place more comfortable than your bedroom. However if you have symptoms, specially breathlessness, then you need to be admitted to a hospital. If you are a resident of New Gurgaon then there is a high possibility that you have never experienced the government hospital of Gurgaon and getting admitted to the government setup is not your cup of tea. The government has designated three facilities for Covid patients – ESI hospital in Sector-9A, Gurgaon General Hospital, Sector-10A and SGT Medical College in the village Chandu Budhera. Most of these facilities are beyond your reach and your class. In any case the three facilities between them have only 205 beds and by now most of them are occupied. The good thing is that the treatment at these facilities is free of cost. So if you are the one who is shouting from the roof top about the cost of covid treatment at private hospitals then you should definitely go to the government facilities. Switch on your GPS and you would reach these places. There is no guarantee that you would find a bed as getting a bed is becoming nearly impossible even in the private hospitals. The district administration has earmarked some of the private hospitals for the treatment of covid patients – W-Pratiksha Hospital in Sector-56, Narayana Hospital in DLF Phase-3, Signature Hospital in Sector-37, Columbia Asia and Metro Hospital in Palam Vihar, Park Hospital in Sector-47 and Medeor (formerly Rockland) hospital in Manesar. Most of the beds in these hospitals are also occupied.

Where is the Famed Healthcare of Gurgaon – Gurgaon is considered as the Mecca of Indian Healthcare and probably attracts the largest number of international patients in the entire country. So where is the famed healthcare of Gurgaon which comprises Medanta, Fortis, Artemis, Max and Paras Hospital. These superspecialty hospitals have more than 3000 beds between them of which atleast 500 are ICU beds. These hospitals are fully equipped to take care of the most serious covid patients. Why are they not present in the fight against Corona Virus. The reason is simple. There is no treatment for Covid-19, yet the hospitalization for such patients is quite expensive. The patients have to be kept either in isolation wards or in the Intensive Care Unit on a ventilator. The cost of this kind of treatment at the top end hospitals would not be less than Rs. 30,000 per day and can go upto Rs. 1 lac per day for patients having co-morbidities. Your insurance policy is not going to fully cover these hospitalization expenses as the cost of PPE, gloves, masks etc are not covered by most of the insurance companies. Almost half of your hospital bill will be made up of these items. For a 10 day hospitalization your bill could be 7-10 lacs of Rupees and you would end up paying half of this bill out of pocket. The hospital administrators are aware that the residents of the millenium city are going to make a lot of noise if they have to make any kind of payment from their pocket. These people who have never demanded that `Amul’ must supply free milk in these times expect that the private healthcare must be forced to give free or subsidized healthcare even to those people who can afford. The question is not whether you can afford it or not. Private healthcare will have to run on the principle of cost plus profit. Even if they forgo their profit, they will still have to recover the cost and even that cost is beyond your affordability. This is the reason that most of the top end hospitals are missing from the fight against Corona Virus. It is your shortsightedness in which you have killed the goose which used to lay the golden eggs. It is not that these top end hospitals are not taking covid patients. How would Dr. Sambit Patra get admitted to Medanta Hospital for Covid treatment if that was the case. However only those whose social media profile is clean, meaning that they have never abused the private healthcare (pun intended) may be lucky to get a bed at these superspecialty hospitals.

What is there for Non-Covid Patients – If you have any other medical problem then where could you go during these times. If you are pregnant and need to consult a gynaecologist or looking for a covid free place to deliver your baby then Apollo Cradle in Sector-14 would be a good choice. Here you would also find other specialists like ENT and General Surgery. However if you are looking for superspecialty services like Cardiology or Bypass Surgery then don’t look beyond Medanta. For Neurosurgery and Orthopaedics, Fortis would be your best bet while for Gastroenterology, Dr Rajnish Monga at Paras Hospital is highly recommended. Cancer Treatment at Fortis, Artemis and Medanta is equally good . Be ready to shell out a little more than the earlier times as keeping a place covid free costs a lot of money for the hospitals.

Best Advice – By now you must have understood that the treatment of Covid-19 in the city of Gurgaon is neither a cakewalk nor a freebie. The best solution is that you must try your best to stay away from contracting the disease. Whenever you have to step out of your house, cover your face with a mask, keep a bottle of sanitizer and use your elbows for most of the work like pressing lift buttons and opening of the doors. Make a conscious effort to not touch your face with your hands. Wherever you see water, wash your hands with soap in an appropriate manner. If you can’t find soap and water then keep sanitizing your hands. Strictly follow social distancing norms as listening to music is a better option these days than to talk to your friend or walking mate. If you stay away from Covid-19 then your social media profile would also be clean and you wouldn’t have to abuse either the government healthcare for being in shambles or the private healthcare for fleecing you.

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