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Erectile dysfunction

About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction, sometimes called "impotence," is the repeated inability to get or keep an erection firm enough for sexual intercourse. The word "impotence" may also be used to describe other problems that interfere with sexual intercourse and reproduction, such as lack of sexual desire and problems with ejaculation or orgasm. Erectile dysfunction can be attributed to various reasons like diabetes, age factor, medical condition, side effects of illicit drugs, stress, performance anxiety, cardiac problems, psychological factors etc. Erectile Dysfunction is treatable at any age. Damage to nerves, arteries, smooth muscles, and fibrous tissues, often as a result of disease, is the most common cause of ED. Diseases—such as diabetes, kidney disease, chronic alcoholism, multiple sclerosis, atherosclerosis, vascular disease, and neurologic disease—account for about 70 percent of ED cases. Between 35 and 50 percent of men with diabetes experience ED. The treatment of the condition is 3 pronged varying from Psychological to Medical to surgical, depending upon the criticalness of the problem.
A surgical Management of the problem usually has one of the following three purposes:

  • to implant a device that can cause the penis to become erect
  • to reconstruct arteries to increase flow of blood to the penis
  • to block off veins that allow blood to leak from the penile tissues

Implanted devices, known as prostheses, can restore erection in many men with ED. The best penile implants come from AMS in USA and there are 3 types of implants - Malleable, 2 and 3 piece inflatable device implants. (For Details Click Here ) Surgery to repair arteries can reduce ED caused by obstructions that block the flow of blood. The best candidates for such surgery are young men with discrete blockage of an artery because of an injury to the crotch or fracture of the pelvis. Surgery to veins that allow blood to leave the penis usually involves an opposite procedure—intentional blockage. Blocking off veins (ligation) can reduce the leakage of blood that diminishes the rigidity of the penis during erection.

Best Cost of the Procedure

The cost of Penile Implant Surgery in India ranges from USD 8000 - USD 12000 depending upon the type of implant used. This is the cost with World's Best Implants from AMS. However the cost can go down by about 20-25% if Indian implants are used. The lowest cost for this procedure is available at GNH Hospital Gurgaon

Health in India Opinion

The Penile Implant Surgery is a simple surgery which gives long term benefits to the patients of ED. A large number of international patients come to India to get this surgery done because of the good quality of Urologists, Hospitals and the low cost of the procedure. Dr. Mrinal Pahwa and Dr Anurag Khaitan are two excellent urologists to get this surgery in India

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