About ERCP

An endoscopy is a simple procedure which alloes a doctor to look inside human bodies using an endoscope. A cutting tool can be attatched to the end of an endoscope. Generally the procedure is performed to diagnose the cause of unexplained stomach problems etc. It also helps in seeing the ulcer in the Gatsrointestinal Tract.

Health in India Opinion

Endoscopy procedure's efficacy depends upon the clarity. Most of the centres who do endoscopy generally use hallogen light source. However for better results preference should be to an endoscopy machine with either Xenon or LED light source. Apart from machine a trained gastroeneterologist is very important for safe endoscopy procedure. Health in India recommends GNH Hospital located in Sector 14, Gurgaon, India for all endoscopic procedures as it meets both the above condition.. Hospital has Fujinon Endoscopy machine with Xenon light source and a very able gastroenterologist in Dr Rajan Dhingra who is extensively trained at AIIMS which is considered one of the best medical institutes in India.

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