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Dr Ankur Garg is the first surgeon in India to have super specialization in Hepatabillary, Pancreatic Surgery and Liver Transplant. Dr Garg did super specialization from ILBS, New Delhi, India the best institute for liver transplant and billary disease. Dr Garg specializes in all surgeries pertaining to GI tract like surgery for pancreas called whipple surgery, esophageal surgery, liver abscess, liver transplant and many more.

His graduation and post graduation has been from Mumbai, India. Dr Garg has trained under one of the best liver disease expert Dr S K Sarin at Institute of Liver and Biliary Sciences, New Delhi India. Dr Ankur is also a Fellow of European Board of Surgeons, which is considered as one of the most respected and top fellowships in the world. Currently Dr Ankur Garg is working as head of HPB and Liver Transplant Surgery at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India.

Dr Ankur Garg is one of the best liver transplants surgeons in India with one of the highest success rates. He is competent in performing both living donor and cadaver liver transplant with equal precision and best results. Dr Ankur Garg is one of the finest and most competent surgeon when it comes to operating upon any GI cancer or general GI surgery which includes stomach cancer, intestinal cancer, cancer of food pipe (esophagus), pancreas or rectum.

A surgeon’s skills get refined by doing more and more surgeries. Dr Ankur Garg epitomizes this fact. He was considered as one of the best GI surgeons even before he specialized into HPB and Liver Surgeries. He was called by various hospitals for all the challenging surgeries and he would accomplish the goals without much ado. He was one of the busiest GI surgeons in the north India before he enlisted for Super specialization in HPB and Liver Surgery from ILBS. After passing out from ILBS he was doing Liver Transplant Surgery at BLK Hospital New Delhi before moving to Nanavati Hospital Mumbai.


  • Member of European Board of Surgery
  • Member of Indian Medical Association


  • MBBS from Government Medical College, Aurangabad, India
  • MS (Surgery)from Lok Manya Tilak Hospital, Mumbai
  • FEBS, European Board of Surgery
  • M.Ch (Hepatobillary Surgery and Liver Transplant) from Institute of Liver & Biliary Sciences, New Delhi, India


  • GI Cancer and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Cooper Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • GI Cancer and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Lok Manya Tilak Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • GI, Hepatobillary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgeon at ILBS, New Delhi, India
  • GI, Hepatobillary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgeon at B L Kapur Hospital, New Delhi, India
  • GI, Hepatobillary, Liver Transplant and Pancreatic Surgeon at Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • GI, Hepatobillary, Pancreatic and Liver Transplant Surgeon at Nanavati Hospital, Mumbai, India
  • Gender Male
  • Hospital Affiliations Nanavati Hospital Mumbai, Aarvy Hospital Gurgaon India, Miracles Mediclinic Gurgaon India
  • Surgery for Stomach Cancer
  • Surgery for Cancer of Pancreas
  • Surgery for Cancer of Food Pipe
  • Surgery for Cancer of Liver
  • Surgery for Cancer of Colon
  • Liver Transplant Surgery


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