About Dialysis

Dialysis is a procedure of removing wastes from the body which otherwise is the function of the kidneys. The procedure is used when the kidneys are unable to function to their capacity due to a disease or trauma. Dialysis is of two types viz: Haemodialysis & Peritoneal Dialysis. Hemodialysis works by circulating the blood through special filters outside the body. The blood flows across a filter, along with solutions that help remove toxins. Peritoneal dialysis filters waste using the peritoneal membrane inside the abdomen. The abdomen is filled with special solutions that help remove toxins. The solutions remain in the abdomen for a time and then are drained out. This form of dialysis can be performed at home, but must be done every day. Your treating doctor will guide you for the best alternative for you. India has huge number of diabetics and as such the Dialysis facility in India is available at many hospitals in India. Some hospitals like Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India has one of the most advanced Dialysis facility that is accredited by AAMI. Similarly other hospitals like Fortis Hospital, India also has dialysis facility which is world class.

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