CT Scan Radiation or Guleritis – What is more harmful for Covid Patients

Yesterday I received a call from a patient asking for MRI of the Lungs. The patient was covid positive and wanted to do MRI Scan to avoid the radiation from HRCT Chest. There must be many more such patients who are scared by the comments of Dr. Randeep Guleria who mentioned in a TV interview that CT Scan of the Chest can cause cancer. He also mentioned that one CT Scan gives radiation equal to 300 X-Rays. Both of these statements are not factually correct and the Indian Radiological Association (IRIA) has given a strong rebuttal.

Since the beginning of April there was a mad rush of the patients who wanted to get HRCT Scan done at any cost. Many of these patients had not even done RT PCR Test and had only mild symptoms. The rush was such that each CT Scan centre was doing close to 100 cases every day. Many of these patients did not require HRCT Chest but were getting it done in a state of panic. Due to this mad rush many patients who really needed this test were not able to get slots. Dr Guleria did a yeomen service by scaring these Covidiots from rushing to the diagnostic centres. The disservice that this statement has done is that patients who really need HRCT Chest to see the severity of the infection in the Lungs are now scared and are either avoiding the CT Scan or looking for other alternatives.

reSome studies have been done on small patient samples for comparing MRI of the Lungs with CT Scan and the results have been encouraging. MRI scan of the Lungs can give similar results for Viral Pneumonia as the CT Scan but HRCT Chest still remains the gold standard for Covid Patients. The CT Scan machines these days use low dose radiation and the radiation dose is much less than 300 X-Rays. In any case the benefits of CT Scan far outweigh the hazards specially in older patients. The low dose CT Scanners give radiation dose equal to 10-15 x-rays only and not 300 as claimed by Dr. Guleria but not all the diagnostic centres or hospitals would be having this technology. The Low Dose Radiation CT Scanner machine costs about Rs. 25-30 Lacs extra than the normal machines. If you are looking for assistance in finding a CT Scan Centre with Low Radiation Dose then feel free to call or whatsapp on +91-8800188335.

Timely CT Scan of the Lungs has been the most important factor in reducing the hospitalization of Covid Patients, says Dr. Shruti Sangwan, Chief Radiologist at Bharat Diagnostics. The CT Severity Index has helped the doctors in providing appropriate and timely treatment to the Covid Patients says Dr. Priyanjana Sharma, ENT Specialist at Sethi Hospital and Miracles Mediclinic.

Every patient who needs HRCT of the Lungs should get it done or else keep suffering from `Guleritis’

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