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Septoplasty Surgery

Septoplasty Surgery for Nose Correction

We get patients daily who complain of recurrent cough and cold. In severe cases complain includes ear pain as well. In fact the culprit is not the throat but your nose. God has not made us absolutely straight and one of the bones that is generally not straight is your nasal bone, medically we call it nasal septum. In some people it is just slightly deviated hence do not cause too much of blockage in the airway whereas in some people it is grossly deviated which leads to blockage, we call the condition Deviated Nasal Septum or DNS. Due to the blockage in the airway the sinuses do not get proper aeration leading to clogging of sinuses and post nasal drip of the the infected mucus into the throat. In case of gross deviation we need to correct the same and the surgery is called Septoplasty. The bone that is corrected do not grow back again after 18 years of age.


The main reason for getting the surgery for correction of deviated nose bone is obstructed airway. However reasons could be others as well:

– Blockage of airway
– Difficulty in breating through nose
– Headache
– Feeling of breathlesness in night while sleeping
– Post nasal drip into throat
– Ear pain
– Recurrent cough and cold

In case the treatment is not taken symptoms could become severe and could hamper your day to day life. Life gets even more complicated and painful for people who have to take flights regularly. They generally experience severe pain in ears especially during the take off and landing.

Symptoms & Treatments

Septoplasty is performed to straighten the shape of the septum (cartilage) and bones. The septum (cartilage) is between the two nostrils. The purpose is to correct the deformities and defects of the cartilage (septum). The septum in adults is partly composed of bone and partly of cartilage In some people there are no symptoms due to deviated septa. Only the severe septa produces important symptoms that require surgical treatments. The surgical procedure of Septoplasty is performed along with a Rhinoplasty for cosmetic uses. However it is to be noted that septoplasty is different from a rhinoplasty surgery. A rhinoplasty surgery is correction of shape externally whereas septoplasty is internal correction of the misaligned septum. In India the surgery is done best by Dr Priyanjana Sharma either under local or general anaesthesia. The septoplasty surgery normally takes 30 to 45 minutes and patient is required to stay for just 1 day and the next day patient is discharged. Post discharge patient comes for two follow ups which are scheduled on 5th and 10th day. During the visit a cleaning of the nose is done and patient starts feeling better after the first visit. After the second cleaning patient is perfectly fine.

Cost of the spetoplasty surgery in India is approximately USD 1800 to USD 2000.

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