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Heart Valve Repair & Replacement Surgery

Heart Valves The function of heart valves is to manage flow of blood from one chamber of the heart to other. There are 4 valves in the heart that manage the four chambers of heart. Tricuspid Valve – This heart valve is located between right atrium and right ventricle Pulmonary Valve – This is located Read More

Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) Surgery in India

Ventricular Septal Defect Surgery in India Ventricular Septal Defect (VSD) is also hole in the heart like Arterial Septal Defect (ASD). However the difference is that whereas ASD is a defect of upper chambers of heart VSD is defect of lower chambers. In both the cases blood leaks between the chambers thereby going into the Read More

Dialysis for CKD in India

Chronic Kidney Disease Chronic Kidney Disease means that your kidneys have over the period of time have been damaged. They are unable to filter the waste as they should be. Once the kidney function is reduced then the waste starts building in the body leading to various symptoms. At this point of time if the Read More

Frozen Shoulder

Nephrectomy or Kidney Removal Surgery in India

Nephrectomy or Kidney Removal Kidneys are one of the most important organs in our body. They filter the waste products and blood. Nephrectomy is the surgical procedure to remove kidney. Kidney can be removed because of many reasons. One of the most common reasons for kidney removal is tumour in one of the kidneys. Another Read More

LVAD for Heart Failure in India

Heart Failure We say that an organ has failed when it stops functioning or is not functioning properly as it should. Similarly heart failure is condition when heart becomes so weak that it is unable to pump blood to the body parts as it should ideally do. Heart failure is mostly irreversible condition but the Read More

Rhinoplasty Surgery for Nose Shape Correction in India

Rhinoplasty Surgery A rhinoplasty surgery is different from a septoplasty surgery. Both the surgeries are as such done for nose. Whereas septoplasty corrects the internal nasal bone causing obstruction in breathing, rhinopalsty corrects the shape of the nose cosmetically. In India a plastic surgeons performs the rhinoplasty surgery whereas an ENT surgeon performs the septoplasty Read More

Micro Laryngeal Surgery in India

Vocal Cord Polyp Many a times we must have observed that there is a persistence hoarseness in voice. It may also be accompanied with cough and difficulty in breathing. This condition may require a micro laryngeal procedure. The most common cause is a growth in larynx or a vocal cord polyp. Vocal cord polyp is Read More

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