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Liver Transplant Without Matching Donor Possible Now – Dr Ankur Garg

As per a recent study published in Financial Express organ donation rate in India is 0.34 per million of population which is way less than other countries like Spain and USA which have a rate of 35.1 and 21.9 organs per million population. These figures are disappointing with respect to the requirement of organs for Read More

Alcohol is not the only cause for Fatty Liver – Dr Ankur Garg

Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease is on the rise in India due to the consumption of Fat rich diet and lethargic lifestyle. Many people still associate fatty liver with the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol is still the main reason for fatty liver but not the exclusive reason. Many women and kids are coming with fatty liver Read More

Treatment in Covid Times

The devastating second wave of Covid-19 is on its downward spiral in most parts of India. This wave started in the first week of April and by the end of May it was under reasonable control. This was achieved mainly due to the lockdowns imposed in most parts of the country. Now that the country Read More

Black Fungus – Is this new?

Sinusitis treatment depends upon the severity. The severity of condition would define whether the patient needs surgery or medical management. Dr Priyanjana Acharyya Sharma. ENT Specialist in Gurgaon clears air on fungal sinusitis in this article. Dr Priyanjana is an expert in treatment of all ENT issues through medical as well as surgical management.

Which MRI Centre is Best

Comparing the prices of MRI Scan at different centres without comparing the equipments installed at these places is foolish to say the least. Read this article to understand the intricacies of different MRI Machines. If you value your health then do not fall for the discounts being offered by several diagnostic centres on different portals.

Spine Surgery in India

Patients from all parts of the world come to India for getting high quality surgical and medical treatment at very low costs. Indian doctors are rated very highly even in the developed countries. However the cost of treatment in the developed countries is sometimes more than 10 times the cost of treatment in India. Most Read More

Puppetizing Healthcare

Healthcare institutes in India are submitting themselves to the Digital Disrupters for the last several years. You can call them aggregators but they love to be called `Disrupters’. Many web portals have sprung in the last decade who are busy in listing all the doctors, hospitals, diagnostic centres and other healthcare facilities. Many of these Read More

MRI or CT Scan for Black Fungus

The second wave of Covid-19 is wrecking havoc all over the country with more than 4000 deaths per day in the month of May 2021. Adding to the agony is the rise in the number of cases of Mucormycosis or `Black Fungus’. More than 500 such cases have come to light in different parts of Read More

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