Ureter Stone Treatment in India

Ureter Stones

Most of the times if you have kidney stone less than 8 to 10 mm in size you are advised for medical management rather than surgery for removal. Sometimes these stones are small enough to pass on into the ureter. Ureter is tube that connects kidney to bladder. Ureteric stones or stones in ureter are the kidney stones that have passed into the ureter. Stones in ureter sometimes get flushed with the urine however stones that are big in size may cause pain and blockage in urine.

Symptoms & Causes of Ureter Stone

The symptoms of ureter stone are quite similar to that of kidney stone. The most common is pain in lower abdomen. However there are other symptoms as well which may include:

  • Pain in side flanks
  • Pain or burning sensation when you pass urine
  • Frequent urination
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Fever

Ureter stones are formed because of the crystals that collect in the kidney. They can be of many types:

  • Calcium oxalate crystals are the most common type of stone or crystal seen in patients in India
  • Uric acid stone are formed when the pH level of the urine is high or acidic
  • Struvite crystals are associated more with chronic kidney disease patients
  • Crystine are the least common and rarely seen

Diagnosis & Treatment of Ureter Stone

A ureter stone can be diagnosed through a ultrasound of the lower abdomen or IVP X-ray or a CT Urography. These tests tell you the size and location of the stones which in turn help the urologist to plan the line of treatment.

As far as the treatment of ureter stone is concerned they can be treated in India through medical or surgical management. Medical management basically includes infusion of fluid and diuretics to create enough urine pressure to flush the stone on its own. However this treatment is limited to stones that are small in size. For large stones best treatment is surgical removal of the stone. Even the best surgical treatment is endoscopic or minimally invasive in nature.

  • Ureter Stone Placement – A small, soft, plastic tube is passed into the ureter around the stone, allowing urine to bypass the stone.
  • Nephrostomy Tube Placement – An interventional radiologist can temporarily relieve pain by placing this tube directly into the kidney through the back using only sedation This is commonly used if a fever or infection occurs with urinary obstruction from a stone. However very rarely performed.
  • Lithotripsy – This procedure uses focused shock waves to break up the stones into smaller pieces, which can then pass through the rest of your urinary tract and out of your body without any extra help.
  • Ureteroscopy (URS) – The urologist in India will insert a thin tube with a scope into your urethra and up into your ureter. Once your doctor can see the stone then it can be removed directly or broken up with a laser into smaller pieces that can pass on their own. This procedure may be preceded by placement of a ureteral stent to allow the ureter to passively dilate over a few weeks before ureteroscopy.
  • Percutaneous Nephrolithotomy – This procedure is typically used if you have very large or an unusual-shaped stone in the kidney. Your doctor will make a small incision in your back and remove the stone through the incision with a nephroscope. This is done under general anaesthesia.

Best Urologist and Cost for Ureter Stone in India

Dr Pradeep Bansal, Dr Gautam Banga and Dr Raman Tanwar are the best urologist and doctor for ureter stone removal in India. They are apt and well trained in using medical management as well as surgical methods to remove the stone from ureter. The cost of ureter stone removal in India is approximately USD 2500 to USD 3200 with 1 days stay in hospital and stay in India for about 2 weeks. Post 2 weeks another small procedure of stent removal is performed under local anaesthesia which costs additional USD 700 to 1000 in day care. For more information Call / WhatsApp to +91-8800188335 or email to

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