Tinnitus or Sounds in Ear Treatment

Tinnitus is a condition where the person person has a sensation of ringing sound in the ears. The noise can be intermittent or continuous, and can vary in loudness. It is often worse when background noise is low, so you may be most aware of it at night when you’re trying to fall asleep in a quiet room. These days tinnitus has become very common these days in young population as well and one of the major reasons exposure to loud noise whether at discotheques or while using ear phones.

In many cases tinnitus affects the daily routine of a person and affects the concentration. It infact has a psychological impact on the person suffering from tinnitus. Some instances of tinnitus are caused by infections or blockages in the ear, and the tinnitus can disappear once the underlying cause is treated. Tinnitus previously was believed to affect old age population mainly. However with increase in usage of head phones, call centres, loud music and phones the problem of tinnitus is affecting young population more than the older people.

Dr Priyanjana Sharma is of the best ENT specialists in India for the treatment of tinnitus which also involves counseling of the patients about the precautions they need to take to avoid getting this problem.


Prolonged exposure to loud sounds is the most common cause of tinnitus. Up to 90% of people with tinnitus have some level of noise-induced hearing loss. The noise causes permanent damage to the sound-sensitive cells of the cochlea, a spiral-shaped organ in the inner ear. A single exposure to a sudden extremely loud noise can also cause tinnitus. Apart from loud noise there are other reasons that can cause tinnitus. In India we come across patients who are suffering from tinnitus and we find following reasons for the ringing problem in ear or tinnitus:

  • Blockage in the ear due to wax or an ear infection or in rare case a tumour can cause ringing sound in ear or tinnitus.
  • With age nerves inside the ar tend to get weak and lead to ringing sound or tinnitus. That is a natural process.
  • Miniere’s disease is also a reason for tinnitus. In India we get lot of cases which have tinnitus due to Minere’s disease.
  • Stiffning of the small bones in mid ear can cause tinnitus. This condition is called otoscelrosis.
  • In India we have seen that any injury to neck and head can also cause tinnitus.

Symptoms & Treatment

The symptoms of tinnitus include a noise in the ears, such as ringing, roaring, buzzing, hissing, or whistling; the noise may be intermittent or continuous.Most of the time, only the person who has tinnitus can hear it (subjective tinnitus). However, there are some types that the doctor can hear if a stethoscope is put in the ear (objective tinnitus).

If your tinnitus is due to one of the above mentioned conditions then that condition has to be treated through medical or surgical management. But if the tinnitus remains after treatment, or if it results from exposure to loud noise, our chief ENT specialist and doctor will treat your condition of ringing in ear (as patients normally call) by certain special medicines to control tinnitus and boost nerves. Sometimes, tinnitus goes away spontaneously, without any intervention at all. It should be understood, however, that not all tinnitus can be eliminated or reduced, no matter the cause.

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