Testicular Cancer Treatment in India

Testicular Cancer

Testicular cancer is a very rare and very well treated cancer in India. Testicular cancer happens in the testicles which are located just below the penis. Your testicles are responsible for creating male hormones like testosterone. Testicles is also the place where sperms mature. The testosterone is also responsible for growth of muscle, bone and body hairs in male. They are part of the male reproductive system. The two testicles are generally not of the same size. Testicular cancer’s diagnosis is easy. It generally happens in male in age bracket of 15-44 years.

Signs & Symptoms of Testicular Cancer

There are some very visible and noticeable signs and symptoms of testicular cancer that includes:

The only challenge with diagnosis of testicular cancer is that some of the other problems may also present as testicular cancer which may include:

  • Epididymytis – It can be treated through antibiotics
  • Testicular Torsion – This needs surgery for the twisted testicles
  • Inguinal Hernia – It is basically a protrusion of intestine near groin area. This needs surgery to repair called hernioraphy or hernioplasty
  • Hydrocele – This is a condition where fluid builds up in scrotum. This heals on its own most of the times. However in some cases you may need intervetion of a urologist.

Causes and Diagnosis of Testicular Cancer in India

Cause of testicular cancer is unknown. However it happens due to uncontrolled growth of cells in testicles. Following reasons are generally attributed to testicular cancer:

  • History of testicular cancer in father or brother
  • Males with history of testes that don’t drop at birth called undescended testes
  • Abnormal cells called germ cells in testicle

The best way to diagnose testicular cancer as advised by some of the best urologist in India is “Self Examination”. The best time to do is after the shower. There are few steps to self examination and if you have any of the above conditions then you need to do self examination atleast once a month. The steps are:

  • Check for firmness in each testicle. The firmness of each testicle should be same all around.
  • You should be able to feel the tube that carry sperm called vas. Any changes in it should be noticed.
  • Notice any lump or unusual growth in testicles. They may be with or without pain. Infact painless growth or lump is more dangerous.
  • Any change on size or shape in testicles

Apart from the self examination following investigations are also important to diagnose a testicular cancer:

  • Medical and physical examination by a urologist
  • Testicular ultrasound
  • Blood test like Alpha Feto Protein (AFP), HCG and Lactate Hydrogenase (LDH) which are also the tumour markers. Please note that there are certain medications and drugs that may raise HCG levels in t he blood. Please inform the urologist so that he may plan the best diagnosis and best line of treatment.

Post diagnosis it is also important to understand the stage of the cancer. Testicular cancer is divided into 4 stages. The first stage is called stage 0 where there is no cancer but there are chances that cancer can happen. Stage 1 is when the cancer is located only in testicle and has not spread to nearby lymph nodes. Stage 2 is when the cancer has spread to near by lymph nodes of abdomen. Stage 3 is when the cancer has spread to distant body parts. This is also called metastasis or advanced cancer.

Best Treatment, Cost and Urologist for Testicular Cancer

The treatment of testicular cancer depends upon the stage of the cancer. In stage 0 it is more of follow up and continuous testing that is required to ensure that nothing goes undetected.

  • In Stage 1 the best line of treatment is surgery to remove the testicle and near by lymph nodes. This surgery is known as Orhiectomy.
  • In some case where the mass is very small the urologist in India would do best to just remove the mass and leave the testicle.
  • Retroperitoneal Lymph Node Dissection (RPLND) is performed with cases in stage 1 but having high chance of recurrence. The surgery needs the best surgeon with high skills as its a very complex surgery.
  • Radiation therapy is another mode of treatment in cases of testicular cancer in advanced stage. This can be used as a stand alone line of treatment or along with chemotherapy.

The cost of testicular cancer treatment again varies with the stage of the cancer and treatment required. It can vary from USD 5000 to USD 9000 depending upon the treatment required. Dr Pradeep Bansal and Dr Gautam Banga are the two of the best surgeons for testicular cancer in India. They both are trained in performing robotic surgeries for all urological problems and have very high success rates.

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