Pancreatitis Treatment in India


Pancreatitis is inflammation or infection in pancreas. The main and the most common cause for pancreatitis is consumption of alcohol and gallstones. Pancreas is a gland behind the stomach. The main function of pancreas is to secrete enzymes and hormones important for digestion of food and regulating the blood sugar. Pancreatitis is a condition that may be mild and self-limiting though it can also lead to severe complications that can be life-threatening. Pancreatic stones are another reason that can cause inflammation of pancreas. Gallstones pass through the common bile duct to enter the small intestine. Another way that a stone can cause pancreatitis is by causing a back-flow of bile into the pancreatic duct, resulting in pancreatic injury.

Types of Pancreatitis

There mainly two types of pancreatitis:

  • Acute Pancreatitis – Acute means suddenly. So a pancreatitis that has happened suddenly is termed as acute pancreatitis. This generally is treated through medication. It may require hospitalization for few days where the best gastroenterologist would be treating you through antibiotics.
  • Chronic PancreatitisChronic pancreatitis happens after multiple episodes of acute pancreatitis. The treatment for same may be long term and may require multiple visits to the doctor. For best results apart from medication you are also advised to modify your life style and dietary habits.

Symptoms & Causes of Pancreatitis

Following are the symptoms of pancreatitis:

  • Abdominal pain radiating towards back
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Increase in intensity of pan after meals
  • Pain in abdomen on touching
  • Fever with chills
  • Weakness and lethargy
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Foul smelling or oily stools

Causes of Pancreatitis

Digestive enzymes activate once they reach the small intestine. However when they activate in pancreas itself then they may cause severe damage to pancreas. Following are the causes of pancreatitis:

Diagnosis & Treatment of Pancreatitis in India

The diagnosis of pancreatitis in India is done through certain blood tests and radiology investigations. The tests include:

Most of the time pancreatitis needs medical management. Medical management includes hospitalization for about 7 to 10 days. In some cases it may include admission in ICU as well. However in case there is an obstruction then the surgery is performed for removing the obstruction. The surgery aims at removing the dead tissue at the same time leading to minimal damage to the pancreas. The surgery is called necrosectomy. Surgery is performed by a Gastro Intestinal Surgeon in India having vast experience in Hepato Billiary surgery.

Best Doctors for Pancreatitis Treatment in India

When it comes to medical management of pancreatitis in India Dr Ayush Dhingra and Dr Rajneesh Monga are two of the best gastroenterologist for the treatment for pancreatitis in India. However in case surgery fo rthe obstructive pancreatitis is required then the best surgeons in India would be Dr Ankur Garg and Dr Kaushal Yadav.

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