BAHA Surgery

About BAHA Surgery

The Bone Anchored Hearing Aid (BAHA) is a surgically implanted device designed to help people with hearing loss.  BAHA stimulates the cochlea by transmitting the sound waves through the bones in our skull, or bone conduction, thereby bypassing the outer and middle ear. Once the cochlea receives the sound signals, the information is converted in to neural signals and transferred to the brain, where it is perceived as sound. thereby bypassing the outer and middle ear. 
Patients with chronic middle ear conditions or outer ear problems or congenital defects of the ear who can’t wear hearing aids may be candidates for a BAHA as long as one ear has a cochlea that can hear at a moderate hearing level or better. A second category of candidates are patients with “single sided deafness”. This includes patients who have lost all or most hearing in one ear, in which a conventional hearing aid is not helpful, but have good hearing in the other. A BAHA may provide an excellent hearing alternative for patients who cannot benefit from a traditional hearing aid, or in other words, for an ear that is “un-aidable” with a conventional hearing aid. BAHA is FDA approved for children over the age of 5. For children under the age of 5, a BAHA is available with an adjustable soft head band.

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