About Appendectomy

It is the laparoscopic removal of Appendix through several tiny cuts in the abdomen and inserting a miniature camera and surgical instruments. As many as three or four incisions are made. There are two methods of removing the Appendix – Open and Laparoscopic.  Being minimally invasive, the laparoscopic method offers advantages like less blood loss, less chances of infection, faster recovery and shorter hospital stay. The success rate of the procedure is 96-100% depending on the ability of the surgeon. The procedue today is so common that most of the hospitals in India are doing it. However the cost of appendectomy in India varies from centre to centre. A good Laparoscopic surgeon in India or an experienced laparoscopic surgeon in medical hubs of Gurgaon or Delhi, India will be able to conduct the surgery with utmost precission and least blood loss. Best hospital for surgery in Gurgan is either GNH Hospital, GUrgaon, India while Max Hospital is the best in Delhi, India.

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