Coronary Angioplasty


Coronary Angioplasty is the procedure in which the cardiologists insert a catheter from the femoral or the radial artery to reach the coronary arteries where plaque formation is causing blockage in the arteries. A baloon is used to inflate the artery and a spring like structure called Stent is placed to keep the artery open. There are two types of stents - Bare metal and Drug Eluting. The drug eluting stents are better but cost more. The major cost of this procedure is due to the type and number of stents used. The hospital should have a Cath Lab, Cardiac OT, experienced cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and cardiac anaesthetists to carry out the procedure. It is extremely safe if done at a proper place and by experienced doctors.

Medanta Medicity and Artemis Health Institute in Gurgaon, India are considered as Best Hospitals for Angioplasty in India. Metro Hospital is the best hospital for Angioplasty in Noida, India, B L Kapur Hospital is the best hospital for Angioplasty in Delhi, India and Fortis Escorts can be put up as best place for Angioplasty in Faridabad, India.

Best Cost of the Procedure

USD 4000 for Angioplasty with one Drug Eluting Stent, 3 day stay in a single room including one day stay in ICCU. Additional stent will be charged at USD 2000 per stent

Health in India Opinion

Coronary Angioplasty is the most common of the heart treatment. There are many good hospitals doing this procedure routinely and successfully. While going for heart treatment take care to find out the reputation of the hospital and the cardiologist. Many hospitals tend to overdo the procedure and stent blockages which can be treated medically. Low quality stents are sometimes put in the arteries leading to restenosis (blockage occurring again). When in doubt check out with us.

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