India has some of the finest hospitals in the continent. Not every hospital is the best for every kind of treatment. Our specialists have chosen the best hospitals for each kind of treatment.


There are specialist and superspecialist doctors for each branch of medicine. Not every doctor is the best in each of the treatment so our specialists bring to you the best doctors for each type of treatment

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Popular Treatments

Our Experts have listed some of the most common treatments for which the patients are coming to India. These articles will assist the patients in choosing the right doctor and the right hospital for their treatment. The cost of treatment at various hospitals can vary widely and sometimes it becomes difficult for the patients to understand the reason for this difference.

Knee Replacement

23 Jan 2018

Why Knee Replacement is needed ? There are 20 joints in the…

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Liver Transplant

24 Dec 2015

Liver Cancer Liver transplant in India is the best treatment option for…

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Brain Tumour Surgery

07 Mar 2020

Brain Tumour Brain tumour is one of the most common neuro conditions…

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Latest News

Treatment in Covid Times

The devastating second wave of Covid-19 is on its downward spiral in most parts of India. This wave started in the first week of April and by the end of May it was under reasonable control. This was achieved mainly due to the lockdowns imposed in most parts of the country. Now that the country Read More

Black Fungus – Is this new?

Sinusitis treatment depends upon the severity. The severity of condition would define whether the patient needs surgery or medical management. Dr Priyanjana Acharyya Sharma. ENT Specialist in Gurgaon clears air on fungal sinusitis in this article. Dr Priyanjana is an expert in treatment of all ENT issues through medical as well as surgical management.

Which MRI Centre is Best

Comparing the prices of MRI Scan at different centres without comparing the equipments installed at these places is foolish to say the least. Read this article to understand the intricacies of different MRI Machines. If you value your health then do not fall for the discounts being offered by several diagnostic centres on different portals.

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